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The Queen Graces Rome and Milan

Good news for My Italian and European fan boys & girls! I am finally returning to ITALY!!

you may humbly apply to serve Me in the following cities:

Rome: Dec 24-Dec 30
Milan: Dec 31-Jan 5

My session application form is now located at: !!

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Boston Dominatrix



AUSTIN: Feb 10-14
LAS VEGAS: Feb 15-16
LOS ANGELES: Feb 17-29
NYC: March 10-14
Boston: March 15-18
Providence: March 19-20


Cash Meets & select sessions available. Booking priority goes to existing/previous clientele.  New clients may humbly approach with initial tribute of $50 by contacting Me here (free signup required if not already on site.)

Be sure to read My session interests and limits before applying.

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ATHENS Femdom Gala 2023

Femdom Gala Athens

I am pleased to announce My confirmed attendance in Greece this year, at the illustrious ATHENS FEMDOM GALA.  Although this will be a brief appearance as I will be coming straight from Romania, and en route back to Boston the following day, I will be in Athens for a short, but sweet, 24 hours on June 2, to bask in the presence of Divine Feminine Energy amongst some of the most esteemed Dominas in the World.

I will be filming and perhaps even have time for a brief session or two while in Athens.  If you desire to secure time with Me, I suggest you humbly approach immediately on Loyalfans, as My time in Greece is quite limited!

I have also added many dates to My 2023 tour schedule! Same process applies for booking inquiries – politely request information via My Loyalfans page.

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Sessions & Bday Shopping in NJ During EXXXOTICA

Goddess Lilith Exxxotica Edison New Jersey NJ

I am pleased to announce I will be appearing at the EXXXOTICA tradeshow in Edison NJ, October 21-23!  I will be on the tradeshow floor each day at the Cam4 & MFC booths, and you can get the opportunity to take Me Birthday shopping at the show!  There are tons of amazing, sexy things to buy at the show, and I love going shopping at the event.

I also have (limited) availability in the evenings for sessions with good boys, in the Edison area, close to the event.

If you are interested in sessions or taking Me shopping, send Me a DM on My Loyalfans page with a polite introduction & your interests.  

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Queen Goddess Lilith

The Queen Visits Berlin and Prague


Limited, first come-first serve opportunities to serve the Goddess in Berlin and Prague.  These are long-awaited travel dates and will not be repeated in the near future – if interested in booking, the time is now!

BERLIN: 8/17-8/20
PRAGUE: 8/21-8/24

Follow booking protocols to apply, and do take note of My interests and limits before applying. All sessions will take place in My accommodations within the city centers. Public or semi-private Cash Meets are available within these areas as well.


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Observe the following tour dates of the Queen:

Goddess Lilith East Coast 2022 Tour

BOSTON – 5/6
NYC – 5/8
BOSTON – 5/9-5/10
ORLANDO – 5/11-5/12
TAMPA – 5/14-5/15
MIAMI – 5/16-5/20
FT. LAUDERDALE – 5/21-5/30
NYC – 5/31-6/6

If interested in applying for session, follow the instructions on
this page.  Deposit and references are required!

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Queen Lilith Dominatrix Mistress

Greetings, peons and worms!
My upcoming tour dates are as follows:

Dec 17 – Worcester, MA
Dec 18 – Boston MA – Footnight
Dec 19-21 – Providence, RI
Dec 22-24 – Boston, MA
Dec 25 – Jan 4 – NYC
Jan 5-10 – DC Area (National Harbor)

This is My LAST trip in this region until late Spring.  Do not miss this opportunity to serve your Queen.  Contact Me through LoyalFans to apply for consideration.  References are REQUIRED.

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Northeast Fall Tour Dates

Boston Dominatrix

Greetings, peons. I am returning to the East Coast to be served during My sacred BIRTH MONTH of October. Take note of My FALL Domination tour dates:

10/9 – Cape Cod, MA
10/10-11 – Providence, RI
10/12-13 – Boston, MA
10/14-15 – Manchester, NH
10/16 – Worcester, MA
10/17-21 – Providence, RI [See also EXALTED event]
10/22-10/24 – Edison, NJ [EXXXOTICA]

I am doing select CASH MEETS & brutal Domination sessions to celebrate My Birthday!! If interested in securing time with Me, you can contact Me directly via My Loyalfans inbox.  To meet at EXALTED, complete the vetting process as described.


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Northeast US Summer Tour

These are My upcoming tour dates. Fill out the appointment request form to inquire. Applications without references will NOT be considered.

Read My interests page FULLY before submitting form!!

June 11-14 – NYC
June 15-18 – Providence, RI
June 19-22 – Boston, MA
June 23 – Manchester, NH
June 24-26 – Portland, ME
June 27-28 – Boston, MA

Request Form

Note: Some days/times are already booked. Availability is limited!

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Queen Lilith returns to New England

Now that the world is finally starting to return to normal, as will My schedule. I am vaccinated as of this month, and have planned to return to My native area of New England to begin to book appointments again. Existing relationships will be given priority – however, if you’ve been waiting to present yourself to Me, I am now accepting a select few pain sluts for My entertainment.


4/26-4/28: BOSTON
4/29-5/4: PROVIDENCE
5/5-5/6: BOSTON
5/7-5/8: SALEM

Corporal, BB, CBT, trampling, sensory dep, and intense whipping/caning sessions only.

Cashpoint meets also available.

Advanced deposit is required. References are strongly preferred. Lack of reference will require amount paid in full ahead of time.

To inquire, you may fill out this appointment request form.

If accepted – be prepared to send deposit via iWantClips  or Loyalfans. I do not accept any payment via 3rd party payment apps like PP/Cashapp, or Zelle.

Queen Lilith