About the Queen

A Queen since birth, I am a descendant of Irish Royalty. Before I became a professional Dominatrix and Life Coach, I was already destined for greatness.

The MacCarthy family of Munster were a great, and incredibly powerful Dynasty who ruled over much of Southern Ireland (County Cork) for a great number of years in the Middle Ages.  My ancestors built the famous Castle Blarney, who’s gardens I have wandered many times.

I was born with royalty in My DNA, and therefore it is of no surprise that I have always found Myself in positions of leadership, and naturally taking control of those around Me.

It is also for this reason that I primarily seek Irish slaves to be of use and eternal servitude to Me, for it is My natural path.

I was born in Boston, the byproduct of a harsh climate and environment, where My sadistic tendencies, especially towards those I perceived as weaklings, made themselves known at an early age, during childhood.

Although not fully understanding it at the time, My interest in power dynamics and D/s started in My teens, and quickly ramped up once I discovered the BDSM lifestyle.  At this time, the lifestyle was still very much a taboo subject, and therefore I am primarily self-taught (although in more recent times I am often participating in lifestyle events, conferences, and classes – as well as leading some of My own.)

I opened My first Dungeon near Boston in 2009, on Mystic Valley Parkway – affectionately nicknamed “The Mystic Valley Asylum”.  Here is where I trained a great number of slaves to cower at My feet and serve Me with the utmost Reverence.

In 2017, after tiring of Boston’s rigid laws and views concerning BDSM play, I opened My next Dungeon, Eden, in Providence.  Finding Providence to be a much more accepting and generally debaucherous city, I continue to operate My Dungeon and My “EXALTED” FemDom play party in this area.

I also enjoy playing in the City of Sin – Las Vegas. I find this climate much more suitable for a Queen, although lacking in good servants, so I often meet with minions, slaves, and paypigs who are flying in from other destinations.

In addition to these locations, I very much enjoy traveling all over the world and taking over the pliable minds of inferior men worldwide.

I genuinely enjoy watching the pain and suffering of others, especially when generated by My hand or mind. Those are lucky and tenacious enough to endure suffering at My whim may even come to discover My nurturing side.

For Me, BDSM is truly a lifestyle, and an extension of who I am at My core.  There is no acting here. This is not a fun costume or mask for Me to put on at night, a game for Me to play, or something to try and impress My friends with – this is who I am, and this is My life.  I will be living this life for the rest of My earthly days.