Whether in the context of an appointment, or lifestyle service, you are expected to follow My Protocols at all times.

If you are serving Me on a regular basis, more in-depth protocols will be discussed, however – here are a few basics to start with.

  • you may address Me as “Queen”, “Your Highness”, “Your Majesty”, and “Goddess” only.
  • you will speak only when spoken to.
  • your eyes will remain on the floor at all times, unless expressly given permission otherwise.
  • you will properly communicate your interests and hard limits to Me. If you fail to do this, you accept the consequences of your own mistakes.
  • If you are feeling uncomfortable at any time and need a break, you will communicate this immediately.
  • If you are in long-term service to Me, you will not serve others without My permission.
  • If you are in long-term service to Me, you will be agreeable to the possibility of being lent or of service to My friends and colleagues as I see fit.
  • you will maintain proper hygiene and will not serve Me or My friends/colleagues if you have not recently bathed, and groomed yourself.
  • you will observe My preferences in regards to attire:

My favorite colors are black, red, gold, grey, and royal purple. These are colors you may wear when meeting with Me.
Colors I absolutely despise are: orange, yellow, magenta, lime green – and anything neon.  Do not ever wear these colors in My presence or you will be punished, instantly dismissed from My presence, or have this item of clothing destroyed by Me.

Do not buy Me anything in these colors unless specifically told otherwise. If you would like to purchase wearables for Me, stick to black, red, and royal purple. Sometimes, I like pastel/baby pink, white, grey, gold, and silver, too – but best to ask before if you aren’t sure.

During playtime, fetishwear is highly encouraged.