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Boston Dominatrix

I am pleased to announce I am now BACK on Streamate, to give you access to private shows with Me.  This is a fantastic way for you to introduce yourself to Me if you are interested in real time sessions, or if you prefer to simply worship from afar.

to sign up for your account with Streamate, and message Me within the site once you have done so!
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Queen Lilith Dominates Europe

Queen Goddess Lilith Europe Tour


At long last, the Goddess’ long-awaited return to Europe! Dates of the EU Domination Tour include:


7.8-7.10: OSLO, NORWAY
7.19: LONDON, UK

If interested in serving, follow the instructions on this page.  This is a rare opportunity to serve in person.  Don’t miss it!!



Official Press Release:

Award-winning, internationally renowned, and bicoastal Dominatrix, Luxury Mistress and Fetish Model, Kink Educator, Certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, and Author Goddess Lilith has won her first XBIZ Cam Award for Best Fetish Cam Model, and she was on hand to personally accept her coveted trophy.Goddess Lilith attended both XBIZ Miami at Sagamore Hotel and the XBIZ Awards at the Faena Forum in South Beach. The four-day well attended event was a celebration after not being held in person for the past two years. The XBIZ Cam Awards took place at the Faena Forum. Wearing a top-baring ensemble with her long, pink tresses styled to cover her breasts, Goddess Lilith shone on the pink carpet hosted by Quincy, and show attendees marveled at her look. She was overjoyed when she won the award for Best Fetish Cam Model. Goddess Lilith grabbed her trophy and thanked her publicist and fans on her multiple platforms for the victory.“I was so happy that I won! This award is one I’ve wanted to add to my collection for some time now. I’m lucky to have such incredible fans who really went the extra mile for me and voted daily.” says Goddess Lilith.

That’s right boys & girls – We did it.  I took home the award I wanted most!  And, I did a celebratory cam show with My cute little  bimbo slave, Minx.  The show was recorded on LoyalFans and will  be posted as a spicy replay for anyone who missed it  >:)

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Observe the following tour dates of the Queen:

Goddess Lilith East Coast 2022 Tour

BOSTON – 5/6
NYC – 5/8
BOSTON – 5/9-5/10
ORLANDO – 5/11-5/12
TAMPA – 5/14-5/15
MIAMI – 5/16-5/20
FT. LAUDERDALE – 5/21-5/30
NYC – 5/31-6/6

If interested in applying for session, follow the instructions on
this page.  Deposit and references are required!

Double Domme Guest Mistress Live Webcam Sessions

Double Sessions & Skype with Miss Bat

Miss Bat and I are excited to team up again to destroy you!!

We will be doing DOUBLE SESSIONS in Las Vegas, March 26-28!

If you cannot serve Us in person, you may also have the opportunity via Skype.  Contact Me on SextPanther to schedule!

Lifestyle Domination Sessions

Holiday Greetings

Queen Goddess Lilith Christmas

Happy Holidays, peasants.

The new year is around the corner… the perfect time for you to start your life of submission to ME.

Register here to message Me & humbly present yourself for My consideration. All inquiries should come in the form of a lengthy introduction, include what you have to offer to My Queendom, and why I should consider you.  Keep in mind that I prefer TPE (Total Power Exchange) relationships and I have a strong preference towards chaste service slaves.  Above all else I am a LIFESTYLE Dominatrix and not a FemDom session dispensing machine.  This is My life 24/7 and it will become yours as well.

Inquiries should not be phrased in terms such as, “I want a session with you” or “I want to worship you” ….  I quite frankly do not care what YOU want, whatsoever.  you are to be in service to ME. It is only what you have to offer that will make Me consider you as a lifestyle, 24/7 slave in My Queendom.

If you are only interested in serving Me in the form of a session, you can begin your vetting process similarly, but be sure to state in your message that you are applying for consideration as a SESSION slave only.  I do require vetting before entertaining a live session.

All applications should include an initial tribute of $50 or more.   If you intend to be part of My world, your sincerity should be demonstrated at the beginning.

CASH MEETS Sessions Tour Dates Travel


Queen Lilith Dominatrix Mistress

Greetings, peons and worms!
My upcoming tour dates are as follows:

Dec 17 – Worcester, MA
Dec 18 – Boston MA – Footnight
Dec 19-21 – Providence, RI
Dec 22-24 – Boston, MA
Dec 25 – Jan 4 – NYC
Jan 5-10 – DC Area (National Harbor)

This is My LAST trip in this region until late Spring.  Do not miss this opportunity to serve your Queen.  Contact Me through LoyalFans to apply for consideration.  References are REQUIRED.

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Northeast Fall Tour Dates

Boston Dominatrix

Greetings, peons. I am returning to the East Coast to be served during My sacred BIRTH MONTH of October. Take note of My FALL Domination tour dates:

10/9 – Cape Cod, MA
10/10-11 – Providence, RI
10/12-13 – Boston, MA
10/14-15 – Manchester, NH
10/16 – Worcester, MA
10/17-21 – Providence, RI [See also EXALTED event]
10/22-10/24 – Edison, NJ [EXXXOTICA]

I am doing select CASH MEETS & brutal Domination sessions to celebrate My Birthday!! If interested in securing time with Me, you can contact Me directly via My Loyalfans inbox.  To meet at EXALTED, complete the vetting process as described.


CASH MEETS Sessions Tour Dates Travel

Northeast US Summer Tour

These are My upcoming tour dates. Fill out the appointment request form to inquire. Applications without references will NOT be considered.

Read My interests page FULLY before submitting form!!

June 11-14 – NYC
June 15-18 – Providence, RI
June 19-22 – Boston, MA
June 23 – Manchester, NH
June 24-26 – Portland, ME
June 27-28 – Boston, MA

Request Form

Note: Some days/times are already booked. Availability is limited!


4 Award Nominations!!

your Queen is up for 4 Nominations in this year’s Alt Porn & Xbiz awards!

I am pleased to announce My nominations in the following categories. you can do your part by clicking each link to vote for Me! (This can be done once per day, if you would like to be a diligent minion and return for this task each day.)


Best Visual Book of the Year – Alt Porn – My book!! “How I Make Bank as a Foot Model” I’d really like to win this one

Best Fetish Cam Model – XBiz

Best Gothic Cam – Alt Porn

Clip Artist of the Year – Alt Porn

I deserve to win AT LEAST one of these – let’s make it happen, boys.

Queen Lilith