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I am pleased to announce My brand new partnership with Locked in Lust!

Locked in Lust creates superior chastity cages that are extremely difficult to escape, while being comfortable at the same time.

They have a wider and better variety of cages than some other lines.

I love all of My subbies caged up and locked away.  Are you up for the challange? Buy one now, and let’s play together!

Savings Code!

Use coupon code: GODDESSLILITH to save on your order!


Locked in Lust Chastity Devices

chastity cage - locked in lust - keyholderThe Micro

chastity cage mini - mistressThe Clitty

chastity cage clitty - mistress keyholder

Lifestyle Domination Sessions

Holiday Greetings

Queen Goddess Lilith Christmas

Happy Holidays, peasants.

The new year is around the corner… the perfect time for you to start your life of submission to ME.

Register here to message Me & humbly present yourself for My consideration. All inquiries should come in the form of a lengthy introduction, include what you have to offer to My Queendom, and why I should consider you.  Keep in mind that I prefer TPE (Total Power Exchange) relationships and I have a strong preference towards chaste service slaves.  Above all else I am a LIFESTYLE Dominatrix and not a FemDom session dispensing machine.  This is My life 24/7 and it will become yours as well.

Inquiries should not be phrased in terms such as, “I want a session with you” or “I want to worship you” ….  I quite frankly do not care what YOU want, whatsoever.  you are to be in service to ME. It is only what you have to offer that will make Me consider you as a lifestyle, 24/7 slave in My Queendom.

If you are only interested in serving Me in the form of a session, you can begin your vetting process similarly, but be sure to state in your message that you are applying for consideration as a SESSION slave only.  I do require vetting before entertaining a live session.

All applications should include an initial tribute of $50 or more.   If you intend to be part of My world, your sincerity should be demonstrated at the beginning.

Lifestyle Domination

Hello, 2021.

It’s been an interesting year for this Dominatrix. Although, I have to say, I’ve quite been enjoying all of the extra quiet time at home that I’ve been blessed with, to dive further into the depths of Domination, Mesmerization, and more.

I also took the time to become officially certified as a Life Coach. Much of what I do is life coaching, wrapped in a kinky label. Indeed, for Me, it is more about reprogramming My subjects, from the inside out, and grooming them to be the best possible servant slaves this Mistress desires.

I’ve also been doing lots of radio and podcast interviews – most notably on SIRIUSXM! I was a guest on Vivid Radio and was titillated to know that My voice and My fetish experiences in BDSM were being listed to by thousands and thousands of people across the country and more.

I love deep diving into My experiences with things like ball busting, cuckolding, chastity, financial Domination, public humiliation, sissy transformation, trampling, and generally being one of the most brutal, sadistic Dommes out there. From Boston, to Providence, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, London, and Ireland, and beyond – I love making weaklings cower before Me and submitting completely – from within their minds, bodies, wallets, and very souls.

Most of the time when I’m being interviewed, the interviewer is fascinated by My life – and My real world as a lifestyle Disciplinarian and Queen Goddess. I am used to being served wherever I go, and for most regular people, understanding this lifestyle of devoted worship is incomprehensible.

If you wish to dive further into My FemDom Empire – I suggest you start with some of My fetish clips! If you wish to serve Me… you can start on this page.

General Information Lifestyle Domination Live Webcam Sessions

How To Book An Appointment With Me During the Pandemic

Queen Lilith Vampyre

My travel for the season is officially OVER – I will not be traveling during the winter as My safety and health are the top priority.

I am not accepting ANY new clients for R/T, but I am accepting appointments from those I already know and have rapport with.
If you’d like to be considered in the future, you can contact Me via Niteflirt.

I am available for Skype sessions – contact Me via Twitter for this, and reference this post. Alternatively, you may inquire through My fan clubs, listed below.

I will still be making plenty of video content during this time, and My custom content request form is located here: Custom Videos.

My OnlyFans and LOYALFANS exclusive fan clubs are great ways to reach Me directly as well.  Be an extra good minion and join them both.

Finally, if you’d like to get into My good graces, or simply be awesome and show your admiration, My Amazon Wishlist is freshly updated with pretty objects that I desire.

Goddess Lilith's Wishlist

Queen Lilith