Lifestyle Domination Sessions

Holiday Greetings

Queen Goddess Lilith Christmas

Happy Holidays, peasants.

The new year is around the corner… the perfect time for you to start your life of submission to ME.

Register here to message Me & humbly present yourself for My consideration. All inquiries should come in the form of a lengthy introduction, include what you have to offer to My Queendom, and why I should consider you.  Keep in mind that I prefer TPE (Total Power Exchange) relationships and I have a strong preference towards chaste service slaves.  Above all else I am a LIFESTYLE Dominatrix and not a FemDom session dispensing machine.  This is My life 24/7 and it will become yours as well.

Inquiries should not be phrased in terms such as, “I want a session with you” or “I want to worship you” ….  I quite frankly do not care what YOU want, whatsoever.  you are to be in service to ME. It is only what you have to offer that will make Me consider you as a lifestyle, 24/7 slave in My Queendom.

If you are only interested in serving Me in the form of a session, you can begin your vetting process similarly, but be sure to state in your message that you are applying for consideration as a SESSION slave only.  I do require vetting before entertaining a live session.

All applications should include an initial tribute of $50 or more.   If you intend to be part of My world, your sincerity should be demonstrated at the beginning.

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